Aya Sophia 2

I feared he might try to sell a carpet to me at any time. But strangely he didn’t.  He kept talking about his own business, especially with Japan, or about Japanese politics. Before leaving there, I suggested I buy the young man lunch, but his uncle said that he knew a good restaurant, so we should go there tomorrow. Why tomorrow? I wondered and worried.
After I got back to my hotel, I got much more worried. Were they trying to sell me more expensive carpets? Was it a conspiracy?
We were supposed to meet at my hotel at 1 pm the next day. Finally I decided not to meet him. I grew scared. I wrote a short letter saying I would have an important meeting that afternoon, so I won’t be able to meet him. I was sorry and thanked him for his kindness. 
I left the letter at the hotel reception, asking a receptionist to give it to the young man. The next morning, I left the hotel.


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    垣内暎恵 (土曜日, 02 10月 2021 09:56)

    Aya Sophia1・2は良いですね。フェレチェは若かりし頃からの憧れの街です。希望しながら行けずじまいになりそうです。お知らせいただいてありがとうございました。気持ちが解れました。感謝です。