My sketch of Aya Sophia

I remember a young man I met near my hotel. He showed me the way to Aya Sophia, and kindly took me there, showing me around.  I thought how kind he was, but I started to suspect that he were up to something. I offered a tip, but he refused to take it, saying he was not doing this for money. He continued that there were so many people who try to deceive travelers but he was not one of them. He talked as if he read my mind. 

He suggested that we have something cold to drink, saying that his uncle's house was near. So we walked. This far? He said "Not so far", but we walked more than 30 minutes, and got to a shop. I saw a man and a woman at the table in a room. They were talking in Japanese. It was a business talk. The Turkish man's Japanese was perfect.